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Kuih Talam Keladi
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Kuih Talam Keladi

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Wednesday, 13-Jul-2005 00:00
SJ Bizz ~From Mummy's Kitchen~
Hi there & WELCOME to my world… :-)

Being passionate about food has been my family’s trademark for as long as I can remember. We’ve always been intrigued by unusual foods, curious enough to try out numerous recipes we’ve come across all these years. There have been many failures that even the cat wont touch…hehehehe. However, we have prevailed and thus the reason U are reading this today.

Let me start from the beginning, a good place to start in any storytelling. ;-)

It all started with my mother, Pn Fatimah Abd Hamid. She is an Excellent Cook. She’s been cooking professionally at home for more than 10 years . She started out doing part-time orders catering to her office friends. Delites such as Marble Cake, Steamed Fruit Cake, Mini Sandwiches, Muffins and tonnes more. Until one day she quit her job and started cooking full-time.

My mother’s speciality would be KUIH MELAYU ; such as Kuih Serimuka, Talam Keladi, Talam Suji, Pulut Seri Kedah, Lapis Merah Putih and the list is endless. Sweet Success came when orders from numerous Hotels in the Klang Valley came pouring in. Who knows maybe U might have tasted my mom’s creation and wondered who made all those yummy sweet little desserts.

Over time her menu has extended some. Items which includes Cakes, Puddings & Jellys, Cookies for Hari Raya, Baked Kuih Melayu and not to mention main courses such as her all time specialty; Laksa Johor, Lontong accompanied with Lodeh, Serunding & Sambal Tumis, Nasi Beriani accompanied with Daging/Ayam Beriani, Dalca, Acar Rampai & Paceri Nenas, Mi Siam, Soto and whole lot more.

Goodness…my mouth is watering & my tummy is rumbling … :->


MAIN COURSE CORNER – min order 30 pax

Laksa Johor – RM4.50 per pax
Strands of spaghetti smothered in a thick spicy fish & prawn gravy. Garnished with cucumber ringlets, onion, mint leaves, bean sprouts & daun kesom. Topped with a special blend of Red Hot Sambal to give ur laksa a wonderful umppphhhh.

Lontong – RM4.50 per pax
Traditionally Lontong would be prepared for Hari Raya. For those who would like to indulge in this feast outside Raya season, u’ve made a wonderful choice.

My mom’s Lontong is prepared by stuffing a special Lontong casing with banana leaves and filling it with rice. Boiled for 4 hours or so then left to cool down. When served the Lontong would have a green tinge to its outside layer along with the soft aromatic smell courtesy of the banana leaves.

Lontong is usually accompanied with Lodeh, a gravy made from coconut milk, spices & vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, tempe, tofu, sengkuang, terung, young jackfruit, long bean, suun & fucuk.

Another side dish to Lontong would be Serunding Kelapa & of course my mom’s famous Red Hot Sambal.

Nasi Beriani – RM11.00 per pax
Basmathi rice steamed with herbs & spices & a dash of yellow colouring to give its distinctive trademark. Accompanied by Beef/ Chicken Beriani cooked with beriani spices, mint leaves, cashew nuts, tomatoes, green chillies, ghee & topped with Bawang Goreng.

Other side dishes that goes well with Nasi Beriani would be Acar Rampai made with cucumber, carrot, onions cooked with chili powder, sugar, vinegar & mustard seeds. Vegetable Dalca would also be wonderful with Nasi Beriani.

Mi Siam Singapura With Gravy – RM4.00 per pax
Beehon fried with fresh & dried prawns, calamari, bean sprouts and kuchai. Flavoured with chili powder & tauchoo. The gravy is made with fresh prawn, chili powder, red onions, tauchoo & tamarind juice.

Soto – RM4.00 per pax
Ur choice of nasi impit, mi or beehoon. Served with Soto Sup made with Rempah Soto & chicken. Accompanied with Beef Bergedil and served with taugeh, chicken meat, bawang goreng, daun sup/bawang. A dash of Kicap Chili to spice things up.

Rendang – per kilo
Chicken - RM33.00
Beef (Import) - RM35.00
Beef (Local) - RM40.00

Kari – per kilo
Chicken - RM33.00
Beef - RM35.00

Side Dishes – per kilo
Roti Jala (100 Pcs) - RM18.00
Pulut Kuning - RM16.00

Min Order - 6 biji
Bakar Jagung / Labu - RM3.80
Bakar Kemboja Bombai - RM3.60
Kuih Bakar Berlauk - RM4.50
Macaroni Bakar - RM4.80

Apam Butter - RM0.40 (min order 75 pcs)
Cara Berlauk - RM0.35 (min order 25 pcs)
Cara Manis - RM0.30 (min order 25 pcs)
Kaswi Serikaya - RM0.35 (min order 50 pcs)
Kuih Kaswi - RM0.30 (min order 50 pcs)
Kuih Ketayap - RM0.35 (min order 25 pcs)
Kuih Lompang - RM0.30 (min order 50 pcs)
Pulut Mahkota - RM0.40 (min order 30 pcs)
Pulut Panggang - RM0.40 (min order 20 pcs)
Tako - RM0.35 (min order 50 pcs)



Carrot Delite – RM38.00 (2kg)
Carrot Delite wth Cream Cheese Topping– RM45.00 (2kg)
A lite tropical flavored cake that's so moist it practically melts in ur mouth. A luxurious fusion of nuts, pineapples & carrots resulting in a harmonious cake ever made. Also available with Cream Cheese Topping, which compliments the cake superbly.

Dark Heaven – RM37.00 (1.5kg)
A dark and moist chocolate cake smothered with chocolate fudge on the outside. A single bite would have u closing ur eyes in ecstasy, a true chocolate lover’s delight.

Horse Shoe Roll - RM17.00 (17”)
A 3 layered log cake that is rolled in the shape of a horse's shoe, thus it is named so. Chocolate on the outside, vanilla on the inside and a generous spread of melted chocolate can be found right in the centre. An elegant dessert best served chilled with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

Steamed Fruit Cake – RM45.00 (2kg)
A mixture of burnt sugar is mixed with fruit cake batter then mix fruit, nutmeg, halwa kundur is added. Its then boiled for 4 hours. Quite the centerpiece as the top is decorated with red & green cherries.


Blueberry Cheese Cake – RM42.00 (1.2kg)
A classic cheesecake with a crumbly biscuit crust with an irresistible thick white layer of cream cheese mixture topped with luscious spread of blueberry.

No-Bake Apple Cinnamon Cheese Cake – RM46.00 (1.2kg)
A no-bake cheese cake with a crumbly biscuit crust. Cream cheese mixture mixed with whipped cream & green apples and a sprinkling of cinnamon creates a tart semi sweet dessert.

No-Bake Dreamy Chocolate Cheese Cake – RM46.00 (1.2kg)
A no-bake cheese cake using digestive biscuits as the base. Cream cheese mixture is mixed with whip cream, golden syrup & dark chocolate which creates the most irresistible creamy concoction ever. Topped of with a sprinkling of shaved chocolate. A luscious and dreamy dessert.


Cream Caramel – RM22.00
Made with burnt sugar mixed with milk, eggs & vanilla, steamed to perfection.

Crystal Pudding – RM23.00
A mixture of eggs, tepung beras, coconut milk is divided into 5 colors ; green, white, yellow, choc, red which is then steamed. After it has cooled down its cut into cubes. Another batch of cooked clear jelly is prepared and poured into a tray then the multicolor cubes will be mixed in to create a multicolor jelly concoction.

Gerudil Jelly – RM19.00
Jelly cooked with brown & white sugar. A mixture of coconut milk & eggs is prepared and poured over the first mixture to create an abstract pattern.

Marble Jelly – RM22.00
Jelly cooked with butter & sugar. Mixture of egg yolk, milk & castard powder is prepared which is then mixed with the first mixture. Divided into 2 colors ; red & chocolate and mixed in together to create a marble effect.


Bingka Roti / Jagung – RM21.00
- Made with Bread, Milk, Marjerin, Eggs, Sugar & Flour

Lapis Merah Putih – RM21.00
- Made with Coconut Milk, Sugar, Tepung Gandum, Tepung Beras & Tepung Ubi

Lapis Serimanis (a 3 layer delite) – RM21.00
- Bottom Layer (White) – Coconut Milk, Tepung Beras & Tepung Ubi
- Middle Layer (Yellow) – Tepung Beras, Eggs, Sugar & Coconut Milk
- Top Layer (Green) – Tepung Gandum, Sugar, Eggs & Coconut Milk

Pulut Sri Kedah (a 3 layer delite) – RM22.00
- Bottom Layer (Black) – Pulut Hitam, Pulut Putih & Coconut Milk
- Middle Layer (Yellow) – Coconut Milk, Tepung Beras & Salt
- Top Layer (Green) – Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk & Tepung Gandum

Seri Muka (a 2 layer delite) – RM21.00
- Bottom Layer (White) – Pulut, Coconut Milk & Salt
- Top Layer (Green) – Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk & Tepung Gandum

Talam Jagung (a 2 layer delite) – RM21.00
- Bottom – Coconut Milk, Sugar, Tepung Beras, Tepung Gandum & Tepung Jagung
- Top Layer (Green) – Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk & Tepung Gandum

Talam Keladi (a 2 layer delite) – RM22.00
- Bottom – Yam, Tepung Beras, Coconut Milk
- Top Layer (Purple) – Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk, Yam Essence & Tepung Gandum

Talam Nyonya (a 2 layer delite) – RM21.00
- Bottom – Tepung Honkui, Tepung Gandum, Coconut Milk & Sugar
- Top Layer – Coconut Milk & Tepung Gandum

Talam Suji (a 2 layer delite – RM21.00
- Bottom – Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk & Semolina Flour
- Top Layer – Sugar, Eggs, Brown & White Sugar & Tepung Gandum


We have come to the end of my story, I hope U have enjoyed it as much as I have. Attached are some pictures that u could browse thru in order to help u decide… :->

All the items on our menu are made fresh each time an order is placed. Freshness & Homemade perfection is guaranteed.

Minimum delivery charges do apply.

Do contact me at 012-3080139 or send an email to tabbykat_26@hotmail.com

Sarah Jasmine

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